President inaugurates Wolf’s Trail Run commemorating Indomitable Soldiers

Having inaugurated the Wolf’s Trail Run in the central town of Mińsk Mazowiecki on Sunday, commemorating the Indomitable Soldiers, President Andrzej Duda recalled that the National Day of the Indomitable Soldiers was established at the behest of the late President Lech Kaczyński.

Lech Kaczyński “felt that the memory of the Indomitable Soldiers needed elevation to the rank of national remembrance, remembrance related to a holiday that all are going to celebrate,” said President Duda, adding that “that is exactly what is happening right now.”

This year’s edition of the run is the 10th, proving the success of the event. The run in Mińsk Mazowiecki, however, is by no means the only Wolf’s Trail Run taking place in Poland on Sunday, March 1. With as many as 365 towns and cities, the event has taken on a country-wide scale.

But the organisers, namely the Freedom and Democracy Foundation (WiD), cross territorial boundaries having also organised the run in the US (New York, Chicago), the UK (London), Belgium (Brussels), Lithuania (Vilnius), Germany (Herdorf), Austria (Vienna), New Zealand (Christchurch) and Australia (Dandenong and Penrose).

Poland’s President also thanked all the participants, saying that taking part in the race is a form of commemoration. “I am delighted that those who remember and those who want to honour the Indomitable Soldiers will run with us the Wolf’s Trail Run,” said the President and recited a poem by anti-communist intellectual and poet Zbigniew Herbert entitled “Wolf”.

As they lived by the lupine creed
now history is mute ‘bout their deed
A single mark that in snow they left
is that of their wrath, despair, a lupine trail

“And it is this trail that we are about to set out onto in a while, for which I am grateful,” said the President a moment before the starting gun was fired.