Military medical services ready to help in case of coronavirus: Defence Minister

With rising concerns over the coronavirus spreading in Italy and elsewhere in the world, Defence Minister Mariusz Błaszczak has reassured that the military medical services were there to bring help in case of the pathogen appearing in Poland.

“Military medical services are ready to bring help and respond” Mr Błaszczak told Polish Radio on Thursday.

The minister went to stress that “the Polish Army, which has a whole medical network at its disposal, is ready to help. Already at the beginning of February, 30 people were evacuated from China via France to Poland by military planes. They were quarantined in a military hospital in Wrocław. It turned out that none of them had contracted the virus and that everything was alright.”

Mr Błaszczak added that there were 14 hospitals across the country at the army’s disposal in addition to appropriate transportation vehicles.

The minister also referred to Polish People’s Party (PSL) presidential candidate Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz appeals that the issue of coronavirus be urgently addressed by the health minister, saying that these appeals were politicised.

“We are having the presidential campaign here and there are people who try using all that revolves around the coronavirus for their own political purposes,” said Mr Błaszczak.

The minister added that “a ‘politicised’ claim was made that a provincial infectious disease hospital demanded payment for [coronavirus] examination. It turned out that the hospital is run by the Mazowieckie province board headed by a PSL politician Adam Struzik, thus a political friend of Mr Kosiniak-Kamysz.”