Belgian authorities: it's mother of kidnapped child who broke the law

According to a TV channel Polsat News, the Belgian prosecutor’s office has stated that the father, who allegedly kidnapped his son from his mother in Poland on Sunday, had full parental rights.

Mother of abducted child: I spoke to him, he was given sedatives

The mother of the 10 year-old told reporters on Monday that she had spoken to her son on the phone.

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Private news broadcaster Polsat News has reportedly acquired information that proves that in 2018 a Belgian court decided that the child would remain with his father in Belgium, and not with his mother in Poland.

The mother of 10-year-old Ibrahim said she knew nothing about “these Belgian media sensations.” She added that if she had breached the law, “why would he hit me and take away my child? It doesn’t make sense.”

The mother claims that after being granted full parental rights in July 2018, she and her son moved to Poland. The woman also claims that her ex-partner had no contact with their son recently.

The spokesperson for Poland’s Justice Ministry, Agnieszka Borowska, said that the ministry would inspect the legal situation of the child and his parents. At the same time she said that it was a good thing that the Child Alert procedure was launched, as “it is always about the well-being of the child, which is superior in such situations.”

According to the police, on Sunday evening Azeddine Oudriss, the father of Ibrahim, took Ibrahim from in front of an apartment block in Gdynia, pulled him into his silver car and drove away. The boy was allegedly seen on a walk in Antwerp in Belgium.