Mother of abducted child: I spoke to him, he was given sedatives

On Monday, the mother of the abducted child told reporters that she had spoken to her child during a phone call. “He was very calm, most likely he was given sedatives,” she said.

Child alert: Police searching for abducted 10-year-old boy

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The child has only Polish citizenship, the child’s Moroccan father, Azeddine Oudriss, had his parental rights removed by a court ruling.

“I do not know where my son is. I believe he is in Belgium, and that’s where I’m about to go.”

The mother claims she knew that the child’s father wanted to kidnap their son. She recalled that he already attempted to abduct the boy in March 2019, but she said “the police did nothing.”

The police have passed on information on the abduction to all units in the country and to other European police. The special Child Alert procedure has already been initiated, the Border Guard was immediately informed.

The mother said that her ex-partner was very dangerous. “He hit me in front of my child yesterday,” she said. She also told reporters that the man had been sentenced for numerous crimes in the past.

According to the police, on Sunday evening Azeddine Oudriss took Ibrahim from in front of an apartment block in Gdynia, pulled him into his silver car and drove away. The man is 185 cm tall and muscular.

The police request anyone with any information about the abducted and the abductor to call 995, 112, 997 or attend the nearest police station.