Gov’t butchers idea of taxing meat

Poland’s government announced that there are no plans to introduce any kind of “meat tax,” the Polish “Super Express” tabloid reported.

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The Governmental Information Centre (CIR), quoted by the newspaper declared that there are no plans for imposing such a tax, adding that there is no sense in creating a tax which has roots that are "rather ideological."

“Such propositions are reminiscent of other ideas that over the years have been suggested to Brussels officials, like calling snails fish, carrots fruit or establishing the expected curvature of bananas,” the office of the Polish PM told “Super Express.”

The idea of taxing meat appeared in the European Parliament during a discussion panel organised by pro-ecological NGOs. Reports that the EP or any other EU institutions are working on such a project are not true.

The TAPP (True Animal Protein Price) Coalition wants the prices of meat to grow by 2030. “And so, for example, for 100g of pork, we would have to pay as much as PLN 1.50 (EUR 0.35) more!” “Super Express,” wrote in its article.

The notion of taxing meat is justified by fighting climate change and reducing the suffering of animals.