Institute researching Polish national thought established

Piotr Gliński, the Polish deputy Prime Minister and Culture and National Heritage Minister announced on Monday the plan to establish the Institute for Legacy of Polish National Thought. The institute’s patrons will be Roman Dmowski and Ignacy Jan Paderewski.

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Mr Gliński declared that the main goal of the Institute is to “study the legacy of the Polish National thought, its various representatives and the history of a widely understood national movement, conservative-national movement and some Christian-democratic movements.”

He also referred to the activities of the patrons of the Institute, “which led to different movements being able to cooperate in different places and spheres” and to the fact that their signatures are under the Versailles Treaty, signed after WWI.

Prof. Żaryn said that “there are strong misunderstandings among Poles” about the heritage of the Polish national and social Catholic movements.

The first task set by the Institute will be the creation of a “glossary of activists from the national movement from one side and a social-Catholic movement from the other.”

The annual budget of the Institute is estimated to be around PLN 1.5 mln (EUR 350,000).

Mr Gliński added that the formal finalisation of the project of the Institute will be completed this month.