More than pierogi: ‘Flavor of Poland’ presented in US

Creators of the American series “Flavor of Poland” want to show its viewers that Polish cuisine does not consist only of “pierogies” and “kielbasa” as some people in the US may think.

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The first episode of the series, produced by American Public Television (APT) has already been aired in New York City and Chicago and is scheduled to be shown in Detroit, as well as other TV stations of the APT system.

The guide to Polish cuisine is Polish-born actress Aleksandra August, who was raised in Chicago. Her family moved to the US when she was three.

She told WTTW, the website of American Public Television that regardless of the fact that there are large Polish communities in the US, such as in Chicago, the Polish cuisine is not well known in the US.

“I think Americans at this point know Italian food and culture like the back of their hand - we are familiar with Mexican food, Chinese food,” Ms August said. “But there is really a lack of information on Polish culture and what Polish cuisine truly is, so we wanted to fix that,” she added.

The production of the series, modeled on similar culinary-travelling programmes, involved visits in a total of 30 towns and cities in Poland. The host talked with chefs, historians, culinary critics and citizens of the municipalities.

She also pointed out a real ‘renaissance’ of Polish cuisine after the fall of communism. “[There are] nutrient-rich grains, a lot of forest mushrooms, game meats, a wide variety of seafood and freshwater fish, duck meat, goose meat. There is a huge variety of soups, cheeses, wine, craft beer. These are the rich ingredients that maybe we are not as familiar with in the US that are popular in Poland,” she said.