‘Confederation’s’ Bosak to run for presidency

Krzysztof Bosak, 37, was elected far-right “Confederation’s” presidential candidate in Warsaw on Saturday.

Having received 163 votes (51.9 pct), Mr Bosak narrowly defeated Grzegorz Braun who received 146 votes (48.5 pct).

Patriotism, conservatism, staying true to Christian values and economic freedom are, according to Mr Bosak, the values that bring the diverse factions of “Confederation” together.

“Economic freedom and private property help people to retain freedom and if the society consists of free people, the nation is strong,” said Mr Bosak following the announcement of the results of the vote, adding that “this has always been the national democracy’s philosophy.”

Mr Bosak was also critical of “inflated statism,” saying that “nationalists don’t want to see the nation becoming an addition of state bureaucracy. Nationalists want a strong nation, a nation of free people.”

The “Confederation’s” presidential candidate said that what unites nationalists, conservatives, classical liberals and traditionalists, is the pursuit of a strong state. He said that an indebted state could never be a strong state. According to Mr Bosak, the government of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party pushes Poland deeper into debt.

“Our independence, is sliced to strips and given away to Brussels, so too is our economy sliced to strips and given away to the international society,” said Mr Bosak, adding that “if we want to be free people, if we want to put up a fight, we must stress that a healthy state is a state of balanced finances that is not indebted…”

A total of 314 electors participated in the vote in Warsaw.

Formerly a member of the Lower House for the League of Polish Families (LPR), Mr Bosak was one of the founders of the National Movement and is their current vice-chairman.

In the 2019 Polish parliamentary election, he was elected as a member of the Lower House. He was named deputy chairman and spokesperson for “Confederation” in the Lower House.