Record-breaking large Lego Notre Dame Cathedral presented in Warsaw

A huge Lego brick model of Notre-Dame Cathedral presented at the PGE National Stadium in Warsaw has a chance to set a new Guinness record.

Ivan Angeli, the creator of the construction devoted 500 hours of his life to create apparently the biggest Lego impression of the famous cathedral from around 400,000 bricks.

To be registered in the Guinness records book, the structure must have a minimum of 1.5 m (height) x 3 m (length) x 1 m (width). At Thursday's premiere, exact dimensions were taken by Guinness representatives. Now, despite the record apparently having been broken, it will take about three months to officially confirm all the measurements.

Apart from the model of Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Warsaw exhibition consists of 120 other constructions made of Lego bricks imported from all over the world. None have previously been exhibited in the capital city.