Polish parliament condemns Russian lies about history

Sejm, the lower house of the Polish parliament, passed unanimously a resolution expressing objection to manipulations of facts and historic lies by Russian politicians, conducted to discredit Poland and aggravate Polish-Russian relations.

Putin has lied about Poland many times: Polish Prime Minister

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Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused Poles of collaborating with Nazi Germany during WWII and a Polish pre-war ambassador in Berlin - of anti-Semitism.

The Polish Sejm condemned the “provocative and untrue” statements of the highest Russian authorities, trying to shift to Poland responsibility for the outbreak of WWII.

The resolution states that the war was caused by two totalitarian regimes: Nazi Germany ruled by Adolf Hitler and the Soviet Union led by Joseph Stalin. It emphasises that after the signing of the “shameful” Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact, the first victims of the two regimes were Poland and the countries of Central-Eastern Europe.

The document also states that the war resulted in the death of millions of people, the construction of Nazi German concentration camps and the Holocaust, one of the greatest crimes in the history of humanity.

“It is not questioned that the nations of the Soviet Union made sacrifices in the struggle against the Third Reich, but it did not bring independence and sovereignty to the countries of Central-Eastern Europe,” the resolution reads.

The document emphasises that the Sejm “does not agree with the return of imperial falsifications, which set back the historic dialogue of Russian authorities with other nations.”

The Spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry responded to the resolution of the Polish parliament.

“One gets the impression that, like during the Inquisition, science is qualified as heresy by the Polish Sejm and the supporters of historical facts are blamed for witchcraft. This is how ideology prevails over the truth. In the meantime, the truth was fixed by the Nuremberg Tribunal. If the Polish Sejm calls its decisions into doubt it should say so openly. This approach can only be qualified as a revision of the results of WWII,” she wrote on social media.