Poznań greets Paderewski again - 101 years after his famous visit

Crowds of denizens of Poznań, western Poland, took part in the reenactment of Ignacy Jan Paderewski’s arrival, just like 101 years earlier, when his arrival in the city was sparked the outbreak of Greater Poland Uprising, which began on December 27, 1918.

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Ignacy Jan Paderewski was a pianist, composer and one of the fathers of Poland’s independence, regained in 1918.

The reenactment has been organised annually for more than 30 years. The main organiser is Ignacy Jan Paderewski Poznań Teachers’ Choir. This year, actor Andrzej Lajborek performed as the statesman and former Prime Minister of Poland.

He said that Mr Paderewski is one of the Poles’ favourite historic characters, who“has not been appropriated yet by left and right groupings.”

“For years there was no such statesman as Mr Paderewski, a person with such influence and awareness of his words and deeds,” Mr Lajborek said.

The event took place at The Summer Railway Station in Poznań. After the steam locomotive brought the train, the crowd shouted “Long live Poland!,” and “Vivat Paderewski.” The star of the evening gave his speech. After that, patriotic songs were sung.

The reenactment of Paderewski’s arrival was a part of the celebrations of 101st anniversary of Greater Poland Uprising, one of four victorious insurrections in Polish history.

Thanks to the Uprising, nearly the whole area of Greater Poland (Wielkopolska) was returned to the newly reborn Polish state.

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