Alimony debt in Poland reaches EUR 2.71 bln

The alimony debt amongst Polish parents has reached PLN 11.5 bln (EUR 2.71 bln) with around 289,000 parents having fallen behind with their alimony payments according to the BIG InfoMonitor's debt register.

The debt is incurred when parents fail to make their due alimony payments. Local governments ensure that the owed amount reaches its intended destination with money from the state-sponsored Alimony Fund.

Data from BIG InfoMonitor and women's and bailiffs' organisations show that around one million children are not receiving money from the parents.

In the first quarter of 2019 241,000 children were eligible, that’s 19,000 less than at the end of 2018. The highest number of children to receive alimony payments was 339,500 back in 2013.

The BIG InfoMonitor's Halina Kochalska explained that the falling numbers of eligible children is because of a long-standing non-indexation of the monthly income threshold applied to the child's household. With wages on the rise, an increasing number of children have dropped out of the state-sponsored system as their income per capita becomes too high. This comes in spite of the threshold being raised by PLN 75 (EUR 17.64) for the first time in the Fund's twelve-year history.