Laser lightsaber created at the Warsaw University of Technology

Lightsaber - a device that focuses laser light on a 30-40 cm long section - was created at the Warsaw University of Technology. The obvious inspiration from the “Star Wars” involves using Poland’s invented lens, which scientists also want to use in vision correction.

"The sword uses a green laser and a so-called lightsaber lens, which focuses the light into a segment. Thanks to this we have obtained the final effect. The sword's handle is printed on a 3D printer" - explains the creator of the solution, student at Warsaw University of Technology, Aleksandra Fliszkiewicz.

She developed the lightsaber as part of her engineering work. "I came to Dr. Krzysztof Petelczyc from the Faculty of Physics of the Warsaw University of Technology with such an idea just after the premiere of the 8th part of" Star Wars "- recalls the student, quoted in the press release prepared by the university.

Her supervisor, dr inż. Krzysztof Petelczyc said, however, that the lightsaber known from films has several properties that cannot be achieved in the invention of PW.

"First of all, the laser beam cannot be seen from the side. Unless we are in a fog or a cloud of smoke. We also cannot make two swords bounce off each other" - explains the scientist.

The same shape of the lens can be useful not only in the production of toy swords, but also in ophthalmology.

Based on their discovery, researchers want to develop a new type of contact lenses. Pre-clinical tests of intraocular implants for people after cataract surgery are also underway.