Smoking hot: Poland among leaders of tobacco goods export

Poland is the second largest European and third largest global exporter of tobacco goods, the Polish Economic Institute (PIE) reported.

Experts of PIE announced that the value of export of such goods in 2019 will exceed EUR 4.1 bn, while import - EUR one billion.

PIE refers to the data of International Trade Center, an agency with a joint mandate of World Trade Organisation and The United Nations.

Over the last ten years, the export of tobacco products grew significantly. “Between the years 2009 and 2018, its value in euro increased by 218.7 percent,” PIE reports in the latest edition of its weekly journal.

According to the Institute’s experts, Poland is the second largest European and third largest global exporter of tobacco goods. “Moreover, we are also among the largest tobacco producers in the EU, along with Italy, Bulgaria, Greece and Spain,” they reported.

In 2018, foreign entities bought tobacco products in Poland for around EUR 3.4 bn, which was 13 percent more than a year earlier and constitutes 8.7 percent of the global export value.

Cigarettes account for the vast majority of the Polish tobacco export - 97.7 percent of the whole.

The largest recipients of tobacco products made in Poland were the EU Members States. “Germany bought the most (EUR 754.5 mln), followed by the Netherlands (EUR 452 mln), Italy (EUR 361,5), the UK (EUR 243.7), Belgium (EUR 225.2 mln), Spain (EUR 164) and the Czech Republic (EUR 154 mln),” PIE reported.

Simultaneously, Poland also imports products made of tobacco. “On the list of global importers, Poland currently occupies the 15th position, with a share of 1.9 percent,” the experts stated.

PIE emphasises that ban on menthol and generally aromatised cigarettes in the EU, which is scheduled to come into force in 2020, may have a negative impact on the export of the Polish tobacco products.