Our goal is Polish prosperity state: PM

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki delivered on Tuesday a speech about the key elements of the policy of the new government.

PM Morawiecki’s new government appointed by President

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He stressed that Poles gave the Law and Justice a task to build the Polish model of prosperity state. “They gave us this mandate in elections that had the largest turnout in last 30 years,“ the PM said.

“Last year we broke the ‘glass ceiling’ of development, the level of development of Poles’ income in relation to the most developed economies is the highest since the Polish transformation in 1989,” Mr Morawiecki said.

He emphasised the meaning of the family in Polish society. The PM stressed the social transfers introduced in the previous term of the parliament, such as “Family 500+” or the thirteenth pension. “Our aim is to make Poland the best place to live in Europe,” he said.

Moreover, Mr Morawiecki strongly criticised all attempts of the “ideological attacks on the family.” “There will not be a cultural war, and if there are some people who try to start it, we are going to win it. The family will win it because the family is the arch-Polish value,” the PM stressed.

“The future of the children is at stake, and it should be in the hands of their parents. Children are untouchable, who raises hand on them, attacks the whole community,” he said.

“We will seek to fulfil the rule: the same payment for the same jobs for men and women. The equality at the workplace is a value we will strive for,” the PM announced.

The head of the government said that Poland needs a demographic strategy and a strategy of a major return of Poles to their homeland. “In 20 years we can be a significantly larger nation,” he declared.

Mr Morawiecki announced that the government will start a programme worth PLN 2 bn (EUR 0.47 bn) which will make Polish schools compatible with the needs of the future. “Our aim is to create at least 1,000 zero-emission schools,” he said.

He declared that the Polish Treasury will still try to repolonise companies in the Polish market on a free-market basis.

Moreover, among the plans of the government, there is lowering CIT tax by moving the moment of collecting tax on the date of payment of the profit by the company.

“In next 4-6 years we will invest dozens of PLN on the major projects such as digging the Vistula Spit, tunnel in Świnoujście, Central Transport Hub, Via Carpathia, Via Baltica, hundreds of city bypass roads and Baltic Pipe,” he announced. Among PM’s declarations, there is also modernisation of more than 9,000 km of railways in Poland.

The PM said that the government will carry on the reforms of the judiciary. “The independence [of judges] is very important, but does not mean lack of responsibility,” he said.

The head of the government declared that the government will introduce many pro-ecological solutions, such as a programme of reducing the use of plastics. Another plan is to create a position of the plenipotentiary of issues of renewable energy sources.

In reference to cooperation in the EU, Mr Morawiecki expressed the necessity of taxing the global corporations and fighting with tax havens. “It is not normal that EU loses EUR 150 bn of CIT and EUR 155 bn of VAT,” he said.

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“We would like to finish the construction of the common market [of the EU],” he declared, adding Poland will fight for equal competition on the EU market. “We do not agree for discrimination of the Polish entrepreneurs,” the PM stressed.

Mr Morawiecki has also appealed to all political forces in Poland for cooperation in the most important issues “in the name of the common future.”

The government will have to receive the vote of the confidence of the Polish parliament.

The Mateusz Morawiecki government won a vote of confidence in the Sejm (lower house) on Tuesday evening. There were 237 votes for, 214 against and three abstentions.