State Forests launches project for bushcraft and survival enthusiasts

Polish State Forests have designated special forest areas with an area of ​​over 65,000 ha, where bushcraft and survival enthusiasts can enjoy their craft without violating the law.

In March, Andrzej Konieczny, the head of State Forests, met with the representatives of different groups whose activities take place in wooded areas. After a legal consultancy, the organisation worked up an innovative solution and designated 43 special forest areas countrywide for tourism and leisure purposes.

The pilot programme will be launched on November 21 and will continue until April 23, 2020.

In the opinion of Mr Konieczny, this initiative removes barriers of misunderstanding between different communities and allows everyone to enjoy their time in a safe way both for them and the forest.

"Although we will evaluate the effects in a year's time, it may be sort of a breakthrough,” he added.

The company stated that according to the new provisions, it will be possible to camp anywhere in a group of up to four people within the entire designated area for no more than two nights in a row. Permission from forest officials will not be needed, although one should notify them by email.

Before leaving, campers must restore their campsite to its original condition. Users of the special zones, like all others, are prohibited from using open fire in the forest.

According to State Forest officials, the Polish community of bushcraft and survival enthusiasts numbers over 40,000 countrywide and that number is growing fast. Enthusiasts focus on close contact with nature, self-sufficiency and prolonged stays in forests.