Russian family fleeing Swedish child welfare services is going home

Denis Lisov, who, along with three daughters, fled Sweden and found refuge in Poland, is on his way to Russia.

Russian father of three will not be handed over to Sweden

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Mr Lisov set out to Moscow from Warsaw Chopin Airport on Sunday. He thanked Polish authorities for the support he received.

“I am satisfied that the day came when we can finally go home,” he said. “I want to thank everyone who helped us and supported us in this difficult situation. Especially the [Polish] authorities ... which did not allow our family to be divided,” Mr Lisov stressed.

In April, Mr Lisov and his three daughters − Sophia (12), Seraphina (six) and Alissa (four), were detained by the Polish Border Guard in Warsaw, as the man was wanted by a European Arrest Warrant (EAW). They had arrived in Poland from Sweden by ferry. They wanted to get to Russia. The Border Guards handed them over to the police.

Mr Lisov told the Polish authorities that he had taken his daughters from Sweden, because in September 2017, Swedish social care services took his daughters away from him and put them in the care of a Muslim immigrant foster family. In 2014, his wife was taken ill and subsequently diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Although a European Arrest Warrant was issued for him, the Polish court in August decided that Mr Lisov will not be handed over to Sweden. “The document violates human and citizen rights and liberties,” the ruling of the court stated.

After this decision, Mr Lisov applied for asylum in Poland, but it was not granted. His lawyer said that it was because his client was allowed to return to his home country safely.

The wife of Mr Lisov still remains in Sweden. “I hope she will be able to return home to us,” Mr Lisov said.