Wolf recovers in hospital after road accident

A young wolf was hit by a car while crossing the road in northern Poland, but managed to crawl to the ditch beside the road, the local “Dziennik Bałtycki” daily reports.

Caught on camera: wolf cubs at play

A camera located in a forest managed by Forest Service in Bytów, northern Poland, recorded four wolf cubs playing together.

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The driver called the police, which arrived at the scene of the accident. “The wolf was awake and calm,” a police officer said.

After the officers realised that the animal was alive, they started looking for help. After an hour-and-half, they found a veterinarian in a town of Bytów, northern Poland. On the same night, the wolf had surgery.

It turned out that the animal’s bones were not fractured, but it had many flesh wounds. Piotr Burliński, the veterinarian, said that the wolf is a male from this year’s litter. He stressed that it was not certain that the animal would survive.

A day after the accident, the veterinarian posted on social media that the wolf “although still in pain, feels better.”

If the animal survives, it will go through recovery. Then, it will be set free into the wild.