Poland needs EUR 700-900 bn to transform its economy into zero-emission: min

Answering questions during the New Industry Congress the Minister of Energy referred to the financial aspects of Polish energy transformation.

The Polish Minister of Energy Krzysztof Tchórzewski claims that the national energy sector needs 300-400 billion Euro to transform to a zero-emission level. The cost of the investments for the entire economy is estimated at 700-900 billion Euro.

Tchórzewski stated that that the government needs to define the terms of the Climate and Energy Package with the European Commission until the end of December. Poland intends to rise its renewable energy participation in the economy up to 21 percent in 2030.

“Wa want to catch up with Europe, not to kill our economy.” Minister Tchórzewski says. Minister admits that Poland expects higher financial support for its energetic transformation. However that would mean a rise in financial participation which could cause resistance of other EU member-states. Most of the EU members expected a decrease in spendings after Brexit.