President Duda meets Polish community in US

During the meeting with the Polish community in the US, in the town of New Britain, Connecticut, Poland’s President Andrzej Duda thanked them for “still being involved in Polish democratic procedures” and “creating a society without castes.”

White House confirms Trump-Duda meeting

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The meeting was the first point in the schedule of President’s Duda visit to the US.

He stressed that Poles have in fact been present in the US from the very beginning of this country. “We can boldly say that Poles had fought for the United States, we can name the most recognisable names: [Kazimierz] Pułaski, [Tadeusz] Kościuszko, but how many others, unnamed emigrants, newcomers from Polish soil fought here in the US,” the president said.

“Many Poles wrote great chapters of the US history, developing the state, the science, the culture or just working hard to make this country one of the mightiest in the world and the largest economy on Earth,” President Duda added. He also encouraged them to return to Poland.

He emphasised that the US is nowadays the most important military ally of Poland and more and more important economic partner.

President Duda also honoured twelve Poles and people of Polish descent with distinctions for their contribution to creating organisations of the Polish community. He also gave Polish flags to around a dozen of Polish cultural facilities and schools.

Local media reports that every fifth citizen of New Britain has Polish origins, so the municipality has a playful Polish name “New Brycki.”

On Monday, the Polish president will meet with his American counterpart, Donald Trump. On Tuesday, Andrzej Duda will give a speech at the General Assembly of the United Nations.