The War: PolandIN’s documentary on outbreak of WWII

Produced by PolandIN, “The War” documentary introduces viewers to the horrifying events of September 1939 when Germany led by Nazi ideology invaded Poland razing a prosperous and happy country to the ground.

PolandIN’s Jan Darasz explains how the German aggression on the small Polish town of Wieluń on September 1 initiated WWII as a result of which Poland lost six million of its citizens, half of them Jews.

The documentary also relates the heroic actions of 200 Polish soldiers defending a small transport depot in the vicinity of Gdańsk known as Westerplatte against the barrage of fire laid upon them by the 11-inch main armament of the German battleship Schleswig-Holstein.

Another crucial and dramatic event shown by PolandIN is the defence of Warsaw and the unyielding attitude of its heroic mayor Stefan Starzyński

Despite the German and Soviet armies surpassing the Polish army both in numbers and at times in the advancement of technology, the Poles were very capable of putting up a fight as the battles of Mokra and Wizna exemplify.