Ericsson plans 5G project in Poland: Polish PM

Apart from meeting Sweden’s PM Stefan Loefven, Poland’s Prime Minister held talks with CEOs of large Swedish companies, including Ericsson.

Sweden’s company Ericsson is likely to launch a 5G project in Poland, PM Mateusz Morawiecki told reporters on Thursday in Sweden. He added that the planned undertaking involved not just production but also research work.

Morawiecki said the Ericsson project promised to secure jobs for Polish IT specialists, and stressed that 5G technology was an area Poland wants to develop.

Morawiecki said Ericsson had “basically decided” to launch the Polish project, and remarked that it promised to prove “very attractive” for Poland.

The 5G network is a new telecommunications standard offering up to a hundred times more data transmission capacity than the present 4G system. 5G technology is expected to speed up the growth of the Internet of Things, tele-medical services, driverless vehicle technology and smart cities.

Good relations despite differences

During the visit, Poland’s PM Mateusz Morawiecki said Polish-Swedish relations were “very good” and observed that both countries were increasingly important to each other as trade partners.

“Looking at the challenges facing the EU, we have a similar opinion,” Mr Morawiecki said, adding that he also tried to present Poland's point of view with regard to questions, “where we differ slightly, as for instance, the EU multiannual financial framework, the next EU budget or climate.”

International security among main topics

The meeting also focused on EU economic growth and security, with special emphasis on Ukraine and the Baltic Sea.

“We also spoke about how to defend ourselves against hybrid threats,” he said, adding that “common efforts in the field of security are very important in order to secure peace in this part of the world.”

Sweden’s PM Loefven underlined that Poland and Sweden “are connected not only by the Baltic Sea but also by a common history.” He admitted that sometimes the two countries were allies, sometimes fierce enemies, sometimes they had one king, but stressed that during its entire history, Poland was always a force to be reckoned with, just like it is today.

The Swedish official emphasised that the two countries had built multi-year strategic cooperation and partnership, and that they were linked by common interests regarding ensuring peace and stability in their part of the world.