Polish flight centre to train future Ryanair pilots

Pilots of Ryanair, Europe's biggest airline group, will be trained at the Bartolini Air flight training centre in central Poland.

The centre near Łódź will train 320 Ryanair pilots, in cooperation with the Łódź and Olsztyn airports.

The training would be conducted within the framework of the Ryanair Mentored Pilots programme, Ryanair's Operations Development General Manager said at a press conference in Łódz on Wednesday.

Candidates from Poland and the whole of Europe can participate in the programme. Each of them will have the chance to join Ryanair within two-and-a-half years.

The intensive pilot training will last eighteen months, after which candidates will be ready to join training for Ryanair's Boeing 737 aircraft. The cost of each pilot’s training amounts to EUR 60,000.

Bartolini Air in Łódź is one of the biggest pilot training centres certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in Central Europe. It is also the only Central European training centre in which Ryanair's pilot training programme is conducted. The flight centre has 13 modern single and multiple-engine Tecnam planes and three FNPTII simulators.