Commemoration of 80th anniversary of WWII outbreak moved to Warsaw

This September, commemoration of the anniversary of the outbreak of World War II will be held in Warsaw, not in Gdańsk as in previous years, President Andrzej Duda decided.

The information was confirmed by the head of the president’s press office, Marcin Kędryna, on Tuesday.

The state celebrations will be divided into two parts. On the morning of September 1, the Polish and German presidents will go to Wieluń, western Poland, which was the first Polish city bombed by the Germans.

The main commemorations will take place in Warsaw, on Piłsudski Square where the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is located.

Leaders of EU and NATO member states as well as the secretary general of NATO have all been invited to Poland for the war anniversary commemorations. Unofficially, the US president Donald Trump will also be present.

From Gdańsk to Warsaw

Historically, the WWII anniversary commemorations were held on the Westerplatte peninsula in Gdańsk, an iconic site where the first battle between Polish and German forces took place in September 1939. It has ever since been considered the place where the war in Europe started.

The president’s decision to move the main ceremony to Warsaw from Gdańsk is part of the feud between the government and Gdańsk city council. Both sides have clashed over the planned construction of a Museum of Westerplatte on land owned by the local authorities.