Business as usual for Huawei in Poland: report

Beijing has been assured that Chinese tech-company Huawei “will not be discriminated against” while introducing 5G technology, the Polish “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” daily reports.

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The newspaper writes that such a guarantee was included in the official briefing for the Polish President Andrzej Duda, delivered to him before his meeting with Wang Yi, the Chinese Foreign Minister on July 9.

The report prepared for the most important representatives of Poland, including the President, contain substantial assurances concerning the development of a 5G network in Poland.

“In July, the Digitisation Ministry [MC] will finish the analysis of security issues concerning the 5G technology and the conclusions will be sent to the European Commission [EC]. The MC analysis will not recommend discriminating activities towards any entity or country, but will propose creating general criteria of involving foreign companies on the Polish 5G market... Polish solutions concerning 5G will be within the framework of EC,” the daily quoted the document as saying.

The Polish Foreign Ministry confirmed that Chinese authorities received such message from Poland.

Polish relations with China are currently quite tense, particularly since the apprehension of a Huawei executive in January. A Pole Piotr D. and a Chinese national Weijing W. were detained under the charge of espionage. Mr W. was one of the directors of the Polish department of Huawei and is expected to remain under arrest until October, while the Pole was released last week.

Washington’s approach towards Beijing has since softened following the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan, when president Donald Trump met his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping. Before that, the US had warned the West against cooperating with Huawei and accused it of close relations with Chinese secret services.

The EU institutions had a less confrontational attitude towards the Chinese mobile giant. Several members States have already started cooperation with Huawei over building a 5G network.

“DGP” quotes a source close to the Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki, who said that change of the US attitude can be considered as a signal for their allies that this company is no longer on American “blacklist” and can be considered as a partner for cooperation.