Afghanistan veteran dies attempting to break deep diving record

While attempting to break the deep-diving record at Lake Garda, Italy, on Saturday, Polish Afghanistan veteran, Younger Warrant Officer Sebastian Marczewski died at the depth of 150 m below water level.

Mr Marczewski was attempting to break the deep-diving world record in Lake Garda, going below 333 meters.

“The tragic news about the death of a man made of steel… Sebastian Marczewski reached me from Italy and struck my heart,” Lucjusz Nadbereżny – the mayor of Mr Marczewski’s hometown Stalowa Wola – posted on Facebook, adding that “during an attempt to break a world record, soldier Sebastian Marczewski died in lake Garda. The abyss that took away our wonderful citizen was his great passion and a challenge that he had wished to overcome with his courage, strength and determination.”

“You will always remain in the depths of our hearts for being the wonderful human being that you were,” wrote mayor Nadbereżny, adding that “I also know that you are already planning to break another record in heaven.”

Younger Warrant Officer Sebastian Marczewski served in Afghanistan where he suffered injuries that, nonetheless, did not stop him from doing sports such as deep-diving and climbing. He managed to conquer Mont Blanc twice in winter, in addition to climbing to the top of Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro, and Elbrus – the highest peak of the Caucasus.

“He would always repeat: ‘safety first’. He loved what he was doing and rejoiced at each token of support for his daring projects,” wrote mayor Nadbereżny.

Sebastian Marczewski was 41 years old.