Two Polish projects selected as finalist of Mars Colony Prize Competition

Two teams of students from Wrocław University of Technology reached the final of the Mars Colony Prize competition organised by the Mars Society, the world's largest organisation dedicated to the human exploration of Mars.

Poles part of European mission researching Jupiter

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The task put before the participants was to design a self sufficient Martian colony for 1,000 people. The housing estate was to import as few goods as possible from Earth, produce its own energy as well as food for the residents.

The first stage of the elimination process took place in May, when 25 out of 100 teams were selected. Subsequently, the judges further assessed the projects and narrowed down the competition. The finalists were announced on Monday.

Two teams from Wrocław University of Technology, “Ideacity” and “Twardowsky”, made it to the final.

“I’m enormously impressed by the quality of the design studies submitted,” Mars Society President Dr. Robert Zubrin said. “The teams investigated all aspects of Mars colonization, and many found unique new approaches in all sorts of areas. There were so many great proposals that it was painful to be forced to narrow the field.”

Other finalists include teams from the US, France, Russia, Finland, Switzerland, and Sweden. They will be invited to present their concepts in person before the judges at the International Mars Society Convention at the University of Southern California, held in October.

The victorious project will receive a financial award of USD 10,000, the second USD 5,000 and the third - $2500. The top 25 teams will also have the possibility to have their design papers included in a book, “Mars Colonies: Plans for Settling the Red Planet,” published by the Mars Society.