Poles discovered remnants of ancient city in Albania

Polish archaeologists discovered the remnants of the ancient Illyrian city of Bassania from about 2,000 years ago, located in present-day northern Albania, near Shkodër.

The city was discovered in 2018, but at that time its ruins were considered natural monadnocks. As a consequence of erosion and other factors they resemble the natural geological structure more than one built by humans.

In May 2019, the Polish team headed by Professor Piotr Dyczek from Warsaw University, discovered elements of the defence wall, the remains of the wooden city gate frame, and the remains of a large stone structure for an unknown purpose.

The latest research confirmed that the city ceased to exist at the beginning of the 1st century, when it was either abandoned or razed to the ground during a Roman invasion.

Until then the city flourished at the foot of ancient Shkodër, which was three times smaller, much to the surprise of the archaeologists. Massive defence walls covered an area of about 20 hectares.