Poland’s Digital Affairs Ministry debunks 5G myths

Fifth-generation cellular network technology also known as 5G has nearly arrived in Poland and given the superstitions and myths that precede its introduction, the Polish Digital Affairs Ministry has published a white paper on “Electromagnetic Fields and the Human Being” to bust some prevalent and harmful misconceptions.

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“We are on the eve of introducing 5G standards. This technology raises concerns… which is nothing new,” deputy Digital Affairs Minister Wanda Buk said on Monday, adding that the white paper, edited by the National Institute of Telecommunication and Medical School students of Jagiellonian University “will help everyone understand what an electromagnetic field is and how can it be utilised for the good of Poland.”

The white paper consists of four sections, of which three answer the most frequent questions regarding electromagnetic waves. The last part explains the relationship between electromagnetic fields and telecommunication, in particular, what is 5G.

Aspects of modern-day communication are laid out from physics, biology, medicine, Polish and international legal viewpoints. Moreover, the report explains why 5G may leave a revolutionary imprint on the economy.

The publication debunks the myth that microwaves used in radiocommunication work in the same way as those of a microwave oven.

“Cellular wireless telecommunication base stations do not use the 2.45 GHz frequency of the 2.4-2.4835 GHz band designed for industrial, scientific and medical purposes. Devices operating on this frequency band are, for instance, WiFi-interface and Bluetooth devices which transmitters’ power are microscopic in comparison with the power of a microwave oven,” reads the White Book.

Another debunked myth is that the radiation of cellular telecommunication is as harmful as radioactivity.

“Cellular radiation is very much absorbed by the surface layer of the human body, whereas radioactivity easily permeates its insides. After making it into the human body, cellular radiation may only cause minor thermal effects because the photonic energy is too low in order to excite and destroy biomolecules,” reads the ministry report.

The book continues stating that “despite a multitude of high-quality research on the risk of falling ill with neoplastic diseases – especially of the brain, head and neck – following increased exposure to electromagnetic fields, an increase in this risk was not proved.”

The deputy Digital Affairs Minister said that the opponents of 5G add fuel to the fire “treating readers with fake news” and that the ministry “debunks the most frequently reiterated myths.”