‘Poland Forever’: promoting Poland via social media

Edward Willamowicz, the creator of the “Poland forever” Facebook fanpage, said in an interview with PolandIN that he created it as a response to the attacks on Poland in global media.

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The fanpage created by Mr Willamowicz has over 53,000 fans on Facebook. It was established in 2015, for people willing to improve their knowledge of Poland and its current affairs.

The page is updated several times a day with news on history, culture, politics and more. “I go and I search the global media, anything about Poland that I find interesting,” Mr Willamowicz said.

The author of the fanpage moved to Canada many years ago. He said that he left Poland because “he did not like the [communist] system and that life was very difficult” back then.

“If Poland was at that time as it is now, I would never leave, of course,” he added.

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