Formerly relevant party rumoured to plan dissolution

Modern (.Nowoczesna) party, which won 7.6 percent of the vote in 2015 parliamentary elections, is rumored to plan a merger with a coalition ally.

According to, which claims to have 3 separate anonymous sources, the Modern party plans to first merge it’s parliamentary representation with the Civic Platform-Civic Coalition parliamentary club, and later to shut down the party completely.

When asked about the matter, Katarzyna Lubnauer, the party’s leader said: “For now there isn’t a decision about merging the Civic Platform’s and Modern’s parliamentary clubs. [..] But yes, we are talking about strengthening our cooperation with them, they are our natural coalition partner, we are talking about recreating the Civic Coalition, which worked well in the local elections.”

The party was set up in August 2015, as a liberal alternative to the ruling (at the time) Civic Platform, which was seen by some as an ineffective status quo party. Since then, it has lost much of the support. In the recent European Parliamentary election it has run as a part of the big tent European Coalition, but failed to get any of its own candidates elected. Recent polls showed its support at just 1.2 percent, way below 5 percent electoral threshold. It is very unlikely that the party would reach 5 percent on its own, so a merger is in its interest.

Another reason for closing down, is the party’s debt. The debt is due to the 2015 election campaign, it is estimated at around PLN 1.5 million. Due to a campaign finance violation Modern committed, involving financial relations between the party itself and its electoral campaign committee, it won’t receive PLN 18.6 million of state subsidies it would otherwise be entitled to.

According to Onet, the parliamentary club of Modern would be close in early June and its MPs would join the Civic Platform-Civic Coalition parliamentary club. The party itself would be closed in August. Next parliamentary elections are to be held in October.