Interview: Polish literature around the world

Speaking to PolandIN, Mateusz Adamski, head of the foreign department at the Polish Book Institute, said that the Copyright Poland Translation Programme is the “pearl in the crown of the foreign programme”.

“Thanks to this programme, more than 2,200 Polish books were published abroad over the past years,” he said. The books were published in 57 countries and 47 languages.

The interview also covered the release of a recent English-language translation of “The Ugly Black Bird” by Joanna Siedlecka, who “completed a vast journalistic investigation and managed to demystify” the controversial book “Painted Bird,” written by Jerzy Kosiński, a Polish Jew who migrated to the US in 1957.

Kosiński’s book, released in 1965, was slammed as depicting a “horrifying” Eastern Europe and its inhabitants as “cruel peasants”. However, Ms Siedlecka visited the village where Jerzy Kosiński hid during WWII, and it turned out that he survived thanks to the local farmers.

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