Rock it: Guitar Guinness World Record beaten in Wrocław

A successful attempt to break the Guitar Guinness World Record took place on Market Square in Wrocław, south-west Poland.

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A total of 7,423 guitar players, twelve more than a year ago, played the song “Hey Joe” by Jimi Hendrix together. The results of the attempt were announced by Jacek Sutryk, the Mayor of Wrocław, and musician Leszek Cichoński, the initiator of the record attempts.

“We have another record – 7,423 guitars, only twelve more than last year. Thank you, we will meet every year, to unite ourselves by music in the name of Jimi [Hendrix],” Mr Cichoński said.

Attempts to break this Guinness record have been organised every year since 2003. Annually, organisers invite rock music stars from Poland and other countries along with amateur guitarists. This year musicians included the British band Slade, Jennifer Batten of the US, a double of Jimi Hendrix Stan Skibby, Jussi “Amen” Sydnamaa of Finnish Lordi band, as well as Polish jazz musician Leszek Możdżer.

The first edition of the breaking the Guitar Guinness World Record attracted 588 guitar players.

The event is accompanied by the evening’s Star Concert in Wrocław, which is the first event of the “3-Majówka” festival. Many stars of Polish and foreign music will take part in it.