Election Eye: European elections’ ballot numbers assigned

During a Friday draw, the National Electoral Committee assigned ballot numbers for the factions competing during the upcoming European Parliamentary elections.

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Overall, six committees registered in each of Poland’s constituencies

The Confederation KORWiN, Liroy, Braun, the Nationalists (Konfederacja KORWiN Braun Liroy Narodowcy) drew ballot number one while Robert Biedroń’s Spring (Wiosna) drew ballot number two.

Number three was assigned to the main opposition European Coalition (KE). The ruling Law and Justice (PiS) will have ballot number four.

The Left Together (Lewica Razem) will feature on ballot number five, while number six fell to the Kukiz’15 movement.

A further three factions managed to register in some, but not all, constituencies. Ballot number seven was assigned to Poland Fair Play Unaffiliated Gwiazdowski (Polska Fair Play Bezpartyjni Gwiazdowski), ballot number eight to the True Europe Movement - Europa Christi (Ruch Prawdziwa Europa - Europa Christi), and the last ballot was assigned to the Polexit-Coalition (Polexit-Koalicja).

‘Election Eye’ on Poland IN

Elections for the European Parliament will take place in Poland on May 26.

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