President signs pensioners’ ‘13th salary’ bill into law

President Andrzej Duda greenlighted the measure at a special ceremony on Tuesday after it passed in an 81-1 vote with two abstentions in the upper house of parliament this month.

‘Thirteenth’ salary for pensioners will be annual bonus: PM

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“It's a moment of great joy and satisfaction that this next element of policy focused on social activities can be implemented today in the Presidential Palace as the final stage of the legislative process before the publication of the law,” said the president after signing the bill.

A total of PLN 10.7 billion (EUR 2.5 bn, USD 2.8 bn) in additional handouts will be paid out to more than 9.7 million pensioners in May under the government’s “Pension Plus” initiative, Elżbieta Rafalska, the minister for family, labour and social policy, told a news conference last month.

The payments will be offered on a one-off basis and be equivalent in each case to the minimum monthly pension of PLN 1,100 gross (EUR 257), Ms Rafalska said.

The payouts are part of an ambitious new set of spending pledges unveiled by the ruling Law and Justice party during a regional convention in late February.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has said that Poland’s pensioners can expect regular annual cash boosts in the future if his government remains in power.