Govt approves Family 500+ child benefit programme expansion

The Polish government approved a draft law that will enable payment of its landmark Family 500+ child benefit programme to first-born children.

Previously, the PLN 500 (EUR 117) monthly payment was only for second and subsequent children.

The move was announced by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on Tuesday.

The draft law foresees the right to benefits under the programme being extended to all children under 18, including only children and regardless of the parents’ income.

Under current rules, the first child only qualifies for benefits if certain income criteria are met.

“We have undergone a revolution, a positive, pro-family revolution,” PM Morawiecki declared, “a positive pro-development revolution, an economic revolution. It means that today we have one of the highest economic growths with sustainable macroeconomic factors.”

The prime minister also stated that it would probably be necessary to amend the budget act in 2019.