We are ready to help France rebuild Notre Dame: deputy PM

Piotr Gliński, a Polish deputy Prime Minister and the Culture and National Heritage Minister has declared that the Polish authorities are ready to support France in rebuilding Notre Dame Cathedral.

PM sends his support following Notre Dame fire

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Mr Gliński said that he was shocked when he saw footage from Paris. “This is hard to imagine,” he told Polish public news station TVP Info.

He added that it is necessary to rebuild the cathedral. The minister said that it is too early for specific declarations of help, but assured that Poland can support France in rebuilding the cathedral. “Poland has great experts in architectural conservation,” Mr Gliński said.

He also pointed out that in December 2018, a Polish chapel was opened in Notre Dame cathedral.

“We also thought that Poland could help in the renovation of another chapel. All of the side chapels in the cathedral were and still are run down,” the minister said.

“All over the world, we have trouble with proper conservation of monuments. In Poland, we spend a lot of funds on that, and it is still not enough,” Mr Gliński pointed out.

On Monday afternoon, a major fire engulfed one of France's iconic landmarks – the medieval Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. After a few hours, both its spire and roof collapsed.

The French authorities announced that the main structure of the temple, as well as two towers, were saved. Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, declared that the cathedral will be rebuilt.

The Polish ambassador to France, Tomasz Młynarski, reported that the copy of the picture of Black Madonna of Częstochowa, as well as relics of John Paul II from the Polish chapel in Notre Dame, were not damaged.

These reports were confirmed by the Krzysztof Szczerski, the Chief of Staff of the Polish President. “The copy of the painting and the relics of John Paul II were moved from the cathedral. They are in good shape and kept safe.”