UK psychologist recognized by Polish university

On Thursday, professor of psychology John Raven was awarded doctor honoris causa by Poland’s John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (KUL) for his years-long cooperation.

Chancellor of the KUL Professor Antoni Dębiński bestowed the doctor honoris causa upon the UK professor shortly before noon on Thursday.

A holder of the University of Aberdeen’s Bachelor of Science in psychology, a Diploma in Social Psychology of the London School of Economics and a PhD from Trinity College Dublin, Professor John Raven is internationally recognised for the construction, validation, standardisation and normalisation of psychological intelligence diagnosis tests.

Mr Raven’s tests enjoyed widespread use within research on children, youth and adults’ systemic thinking all over the world. The tests proved very useful in road accidents prophylaxis.

Professor John Raven is also recognised for having created a concept of new social and psychological forces such as cognitive and social factors, learning and educational potential that may significantly contribute to the development of balanced societies. Referring to Adam Smith’s wealth of the nations idea, Mr Raven’s concept highlights the possibilities ensuing from systemic connections of individual’s competencies with value systems and more pro-socially oriented, common good-development goals.