Three Seas Initiative beneficial to EU: Romanian ambassador

PolandIN spoke with Ovidiu Dranga, the Romanian ambassador to Poland about Bucharest’s views on the relations between Poland and Romania, the EU’s internal policy and the Three Seas Initiative.

In Mr Dranga’s opinion, Poland and Romania’s bilateral relations have never been better, as the dialogue between both countries has reached unprecedented levels. This is demonstrated by numerous meetings between the states’ officials and a strategic partnership, which resulted in forming the Three Seas Initiative.

Ovidiu Dranga believes that the project “serves very well” the objective of having a strong and cohesive European Union that delivers tangible benefits to all its citizens.

He added that this initiative was initiated by countries that belong to the EU, so it’s not something against the EU or something that takes place outside the Union. Being a project realised within the European community, it “serves the EU’s objectives very well”.

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