Romanian woman beaten in UK, attackers thought she was Polish

A group of teenagers has beaten a Romanian woman Anca Vacariu in Doncaster, northern England, because they thought she was Polish.

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On Saturday, the woman went to her car to pick up something she left there. A group of ten teenagers, both boys and girls, surrounded her and started to shout abuse. She said that she would call the police if they did not stop, but they ignored her pleas.

“They got angry and all jumped on me saying ‘you Polish c***, you deserve a lesson’. They hit me with fists and knees in my face and head telling me to ‘f*** off to my country’, ”Ms Vacariu said.

“I managed to escape and knock on my neighbour’s door. He came out and tried to cool things down. I ran inside my house to call the police. They damaged the fence and threw a brick through my friend’s car window that was parked on my drive,” she said. According to Ms Vacariu, attackers left when a car arrived at the scene, three of them got into it and the rest fled.

The woman was hospitalised and told the media that she is angry at law enforcement that they did not protect her. The British police took a statement from her on Monday.

“The police cannot prevent these things from happening but they should have reacted. I’m more outraged by the police than what the teenagers did. What would have happened if my son had been there?,” she said.

Ms Vacariu, who is a mother of two children, said that one of her kids saw wounds she suffered. “My six year old son cried when he saw what they had done to me, I had to lie and tell him it was a work accident as I do not want him to be afraid, he is already scared for me,” she admitted.