We are ready to build a missile factory in Poland: Raytheon

US-based Raytheon has announced that it is ready to build a factory for state-of-the-art missiles in Poland, the defence24.pl website reported.

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“The basic option is factory [of SkyCeptors] here in Poland. We offered partnership to companies of Polish Armaments Group (PGZ) and will take the risk. Our reputation is at stake,” John Baird, the vice president of Raytheon’s Poland programs said.

Mr Baird added that the negotiations with the Polish Ministry of Defence and PGZ are ongoing. They concern the needs of the Polish side. He stressed that the American company is ready to build its own factory in Poland.

“We oblige ourselves to build partnerships with the Polish industry and there are many ways to start this cooperation,” Mr Baird said.

He emphasises that SkyCeptor is a missile created for the purposes of such systems as Wisła [the medium-range system of missile defence]. It can be used to fight ballistic rockets, cruise missiles, aircraft and helicopters.

Raytheon is increasing its involvement in Poland. In spring, its new office in Warsaw will be opened, hiring 50-60 new people.