More Polish daddies take parental leave

Data gathered by the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy indicates that fathers in Poland are more and more willing to take parental leave: in January, there were 18,100 men taking their permitted leave.

In comparison, at the same time a year ago, this number amounted to 17,300.

The Ministry of Family was provided with the information by the Social Insurance Institution, and revealed that a total of 287,000 employees took parental leave. The vast majority of them are women - 268,900.

Since January 2, 2016, there are two types of leave related to the birth of a child: maternity leave (20 weeks) and parental leave (32 weeks). In the case of multiple births the length of leave increases, respectively, from 31 to 37 weeks of maternity leave and up to 34 weeks of parental leave. Together it can amount to 65-71 weeks, depending on the number of children.

Parental leave can be used immediately after maternity leave, all at once or spread over a maximum four periods. Parents are allowed to use it until the end of the calendar year in which their child turns six. The employer cannot deny the parent leave or make the employee redundant during the leave.

Apart from parental leave, fathers of children also have a special two-week paternity leave. It can be divided into two parts and used at any time, within two years of the birth of the child.