Illegal meat in 14 EU countries

Further investigations have revealed that meat from the illegal slaughter by a Polish abattoir reached the markets in 14 EU countries including Poland.

The meat from a Polish abattoir accused of the illegal slaughter of sick cows reached more countries than previously thought.

Meat from illegal slaughter sold abroad

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The spokesperson of the European Commission, Anca Paduraru stated, that in addition to Poland, the other countries where it was sold are: the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Germany and Slovakia. Anca Paduraru stressed that it is still being verified where the meat may have been sent, therefore this list may be updated.

The spokesperson also noted that the European Commission is in close contact with Polish authorities and the matter is being investigated. She pointed out that the meat is currently being withdrawn from the market and disposed of.

Abattoir accused of illegal slaughter closed

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Under EU regulations animals have to be inspected before slaughter in the presence of an official vet. Another inspection is required after the slaughter. The meat cannot be considered fit for human consumption if the animals had any disease or if it poses any other health risk.

On Monday EC inspectors will come to Poland to probe the illegal cow slaughter. They will carry on with the investigation until Friday.