Mass blood donation in wake of Gdańsk mayor stabbing

Following a knife attack at the northern city of Gdańsk’s mayor Paweł Adamowicz, crowds of citizens gathered at blood donation points in a symbolic feat of support of the politician.

Hundreds of volunteers donated blood, regardless of its group, in an act of charitable and selfless support. Blood group O RhD- is especially needed by the Gdańsk hospital to be used in the mayor’s ongoing treatment. So far the mayor of Gdańsk has undergone a blood transfusion to the amount of 41 units, or around 20 litres.

Blood donation points were opened at 7 AM in the cities and towns of the coastal Pomorskie province: Gdańsk, Kościerzyna, Gdynia, Wejherowo, Tczew, Starograd Gdański, Kwidzyń and Kartuzy.

Moreover, the central city of Łódź has also announced that blood donation points will be opened. The city’s deputy mayor Adam Wieczorek called the blood drive “an act of solidarity.”

“We call on Łódź citizens to donate blood. It’s a precious gift that is many times lacking … It is known that the Gdańsk blood donation point has depleted nearly all of its O RhD- blood reserve. Let the blood flow from Łódź to Gdańsk,” said Mr Wieczorek.

The drive is mostly symbolic, as the gathered blood needs to be first prepared for transfusion, something that takes several days and realistically will not be useful should the Gdańsk mayor fall into an even more critical condition, but the donated blood may serve other people in need.