Police drilled for stabilisation mission in Kosovo

Month-long riot-control training of police officers at the Police School of the northern Polish town of Słupsk has been completed and the unit is now ready to join their colleagues in Kosovo’s Mitrovica.

The reserve Special Unit of Poland’s police concluded its training with mock counter-riot manoeuvres at military training grounds. The police unit was accompanied by the army’s Defence Batallion of the Redzikowo base.

During the drill, the units were dodging Molotov’s cocktails, improving formation maintenance, training mixed-unit tactics with armed vehicles and also securing an urban area with “wounded” persons on the site. The police officers were also introduced to the Orthodox Christian Serb and Muslim Alban cultures.

The unit underwent the training as a means of preparation for a stabilisation mission in Kosovo’s Mitrovica, which is carried out as part of the EU’s External Action (EULEX). EULEX Kosovo was launched in 2008 as the largest civilian mission under the Common Security and Defence Policy of the European Union.

EULEX’s overall mission is to assist the Kosovo authorities in establishing sustainable and independent rule of law institutions. The Mission’s current mandate has been launched to cover the period until 14 June 2020. EULEX works within the framework of UN Security Council Resolution 1244.

Within its current mandate, the Mission undertakes monitoring activities and has limited executive functions. EULEX is based on Monitoring and Operations pillars. The Monitoring pillar monitors selected cases and trials in the Kosovo justice system, whereas the Operational one maintains a limited residual capability as a second security responder and provides continued support to Kosovo Police’s crowd and riot control capability.

The Polish police’s professionalism in dealing with the Serb-Alban conflict in Kosovo has gained recognition and rendered Polish police officers a desirable asset to stabilisation and mediation operations in the region.