Poles to spend more on food and presents this Xmas: poll

The Christmas feast will be more expensive this year. Photo: Paweł Kula/PAP

Christmas spending will rise to EUR 272 per adult in Poland, according to a poll conducted by Deloitte, growing by six percent from 2017, the highest increase in Europe.

Polish mail company expects record Xmas season

Polish mail operator Poczta Polska expects this year’s pre-Christmas season to break the record for the number of parcels handled.

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While the British are allocated the biggest budget to Christmas: EUR 587, followed by the Spanish, who intend to spend EUR 495, Poland is the nation which is keen to splurge more on festivities this year than last year.

Those who responded to the survey said they would be spending 45 percent of their budget on food and 44 percent on presents, with a further 11 percent being spent on social activities.

However, Poles are also the most likely to exceed their planned Christmas budget, with as many as 53 percent of them saying that they spent EUR 50 more than planned last year.

Spending habits

Discussing Black Friday, the pre-Christmas sales fest, on Poland In, Maciej Kroenke of PwC said that as much as 40 percent of spending now takes place during special offer periods. Meanwhile, Jan Sikora of Planet Plus – an e-trade consumer incentive scheme provider – said that the hit present in kids’ stockings this year is likely to be virtual reality goggles.

In Poland, Christmas celebrations – including gift giving – start on December 24. Traditionally, carp and other meat-free dishes are served. Most shops close early on Christmas eve and are also shut on December 25 and 26. The Sunday before Christmas will, however, be a shopping day.