Jersey City Council for keeping Katyń Memorial at current spot

The Katyń Memorial in Jersey City. Photo: PAP/Radek Pietruszka

The City Council of Jersey City voted to keep the Katyń Memorial at its current location at Exchange Place.

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This was the first vote, its result has to be confirmed with the second one, which is scheduled for December 19.

In early November, Daniel Rivera, one of the Jersey City councilmen proposed an amendment which would confirm the current location of the Katyń Memorial as the permanent one. The council accepted this motion with a vote of six to two in favour.

On Tuesday, Councilman Michael Yun, a supporter of keeping the memorial at Exchange Place, proposed the draft of the new resolution, which leaves no room for doubt about the location of the monument.

The resolution confirms the acceptance of the Katyń Memorial as a gift for the city, invalidates the resolution placing the monument between Montgomery and Washington streets and stipulates that it will remain at Exchange Place forever.

“Thank God it is over,” Councilman Richard Boggiano said. He added that the second vote should not be a problem.

The Katyń memorial commemorates the massacre in the Katyń forest in 1940, where thousands of Polish prisoners of war were murdered and buried in unmarked mass graves. The Soviet Union continued to deny its involvement in the crime until the 1990s, and Russia never officially recognised its actions as genocide.