Jersey City: Katyń Memorial to remain ‘forever’ at current location

The Katyń Monument. Photo: PAP/Radek Pietruszka

The Jersey City Council decided that Exchange Place will be the permanent location of the Katyń Memorial.

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Recently, a local news website reported that the mayor of Jersey City, Steven Fulop, wanted to cancel the decision of the City Council from June 13, moving the monument to York Street, 60 meters from the current location.

Some members of the Polish community did not agree with the decision to move the monument and started a petition, demanding the monument to be left where it currently stands and expressing strong disagreement with the decision to move it from Exchange Place. The result was a referendum scheduled for December 11.

On Wednesday, councilman Daniel Rivera proposed an amendment which would confirm the current location of the Katyń Memorial as the permanent one. The council accepted this motion with a vote of six to two in favour.

“It means that the monument will never be moved and will remain there forever,” Mr Rivera told the Polish Press Agency.

The councillor Jermaine D. Robinson apologised Polish-American community for the quarrel surrounding the monument.

The decision means that the Katyń Memorial remaining in its current location is one step closer to becoming a reality, however, the motion has still to be confirmed with a second and final vote, which will take place in two weeks.