Municipal waste from Germany sent to Polish landfills

Poland’s Central Bureau of Investigation (CBŚP) broke up an organized criminal group whose members were importing municipal waste to Poland from Germany. According to investigators, almost 4,000 tons of garbage had been brought to Poland, earning the gang more than PLN 1.2 mln (ca. EUR 300,000).

The majority of the waste was sent to landfills in western Poland instead of being delivered to the intended final destination where it supposed to be recycled. As many as 20 suspects have been identified in the case and 12 people have been accused of participating in an organized criminal group.

The investigation was conducted since 2016. Preliminary information showed that several people were illegally storing different types of waste, following which a smaller criminal group in southern Poland was broken up. Further investigation revealed that it was an international procedure.

The waste was officially imported to Poland by entities in the possession of the appropriate permits from the Ministry of Environment, however they were sent to landfills with documents claiming that the waste had originated in Poland.

According to investigators, the suspects received as much as EUR 75 per ton of waste.