Amber Gold: Prosecutors informed about former officials

Małgorzata Wassermann (C) and members of the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee. Photo: PAP/Radek Pietruszka

The chairperson of the parliamentary inquiry committee, Małgorzata Wassermann, announced on Tuesday that the committee informed the prosecutor’s office about the negligence of officials who were in charge of carrying out checks on the Amber Gold pyramid scheme.

Ms Wasserman, an MP for the ruling Law and Justice party, that the dozen people reported included Andrzej Parafianowicz, a former deputy finance minister and the General Inspector of Financial Information, and Małgorzata Bogumił, a former director of the Tax Control Office in Gdańsk, northern Poland.

The MP stated that the committee has not found evidence for the former finance minister Jacek Rostowski to be charged by the prosecutor, although Mr Rostowski’s attitude and control over the department was “extremely bad.”

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The Parliamentary Inquiry Committee is in the final phases of a prolonged investigation dealing with the collapse of the Amber Gold pyramid scheme in 2012 which led more than 19,000 investors to lose over PLN 850 million (EUR 200 million) in total.

Amber Gold was offering interest rates to investors of up to 12 percent, more than twice the average for any bank in Poland at the time.

The company claimed it was investing in gold bullion, the price of which was rising sharply following the financial crash of 2008.

Following financial difficulty, the company’s branches closed in late 2012 and announced bankruptcy. Many of the people who had put their life savings in the company have still not received their money.